Complete Coaching

Whatever your situation I'm here to help!

Are you struggling with achieving your goals? Perhaps you are experiencing various difficulties in different life domains? Are you looking for help with various life challenging issues/situations? Have you got to the point where you can't go on alone and need someone else to help you? Whatever you are facing you no longer have to do this alone, I am here to provide you with relevant support and address your needs.

I am a professional and compassionate life coach with an extensive higher education background in the fields of psychology, counselling and theology. I am a coaching member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am also a qualified and an accredited counsellor, member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP), the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP) and the Substance Misuse Management Good Practice (SMMGP)/Addiction Professionals (AP). My approach is integrative and holistic relevant to the personal needs of the individual providing an environment for empowerment to achievement of the individual goals and personal growth. I provide a variety of services to address the needs of the individual living in a complex and highly demanding world.

I am a published author in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and theology. I have published several books and articles. Four of my latest books are Defining the New Testament Logia on Divorce and Remarriage in a Pluralistic Context (2009), Conscience in Recovery from Alcohol Addiction: Exploring the Role of Spirituality in Conscientious Transformation (2013), Conscience in Recovery from Drug Addiction: A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Spiritual Conscientious Transformation for the Formulation of Conscience Therapy (2019) and Conscience Therapy: Unveiling the Power of Spirituality in Conscientious Transformation (2022). You may read more about my publications on this website.

Complete coaching is based on three key areas of support:

1. Coaching: My coaching approach provides an empowering environment for goals realisation considering one’s strengths, skills and abilities focusing on solutions and working through difficulties to implement these achieving peace, satisfaction and content.

2. Counselling: My counselling approach integrates the knowledge of scientific theories and well established treatment methods personalised through my experience.

3. Conscience therapy: I developed this approach for maintaining healthy and well-functioning conscience through the enlightenment, empowerment and edification of its nature and functioning.

These triple "C" approach provides a holistic support to one's needs which leads to effective progress with the achievement of the intended goals.

Dr. Yordan Zhekov, PhD, MProf, MSc, MTh, MA, BTh